I’ve received so many wonderful reviews from guests who’ve traveled many miles to visit San Diego and our spectacular weather, attractions and beaches. But some of the most meaningful reviews come from local residents who’ve chosen Alcazar Court as a STAYCATION destination, opting to enjoy their home in a home away from home. Are you in need of a staycation? Check out these compelling reasons to make your next getaway a special time in Hillcrest and beyond.

Instant Gratification
What could be easier than choosing a local option that you can drive by, or even visit, the moment you find it? With fully equipped short-term rental options like Alcazar Court there’s no reason to check us out before booking – then get yourself here to enjoy, pronto!

No Jetlag
This is an easy one. Even an hour time difference in your chosen getaway location can have a negative impact on a vacation – especially if you’re trying to pack as much fun as possible into every day. When you plan a stay in your home time zone you hit the ground running.

Mind Refreshing
Many people would say that a vacation in general is mind refreshing. But what if you could cut all the preparation and accompanying stress of planning a long distance holiday and still reap the benefit of “getting away”? A staycation delivers a change of scene without all the hassle.

Avoid Tourists
San Diego and the surrounding area – Tijuana and its restaurants, Temecula and its wine country, Cuyamaca, Julian, you get the picture – offers so much to those who visit, why not plan a staycation during the week or the ‘down’ season and enjoy it all yourself, without the crowds and hassle? With so much so close, Alcazar Court gives you easy access to Balboa Park and the Zoo, Old Town, the attractions of the Embarcadero and more.

No Lost Travel Time
How awesome would it be to go on vacation by simply heading down the road? Throw an overnight bag in the car and you’re already on holiday. Even a change of neighborhood could give you a relaxing respite without dealing with an investment in transportation – now that’s a way to squeeze the most out of time off.

Save Money
Removing expenses like air travel, international roaming charges and the high cost of staying and dining in some cities (San Francisco anyone?) provides a more economical getaway without the inflated charges found in many resort or tourist areas. Set a small budget and get ready to experience high vacation impact with Alcazar Court’s reasonable rates. If you’re exploring the neighborhood of Hillcrest there’s no need for a car – so more saving’s in store.

Take a Relationship to the Next Level
You’ve been dating for a bit, or even spending the night at each other’s places – but you’ve not yet reached the point of planning a vacation or other travel opportunity together. How about a romantic weekend not far from home, where you can reduce distractions and spend quality time together? The simple act of sharing a new space together can transform your interactions and take communication – and fun – to the next level.

Discover Local Treats/Places
San Diego sports so many unique neighborhoods that offer their own flavors, delights and experiences. Hillcrest is no exception and offers the perfect environment for staycation discovery. Explore the breweries, coffee houses, unique shops, restaurants and arts and culture offerings that Hillcrest provides, without the drive.

Support Local Businesses
This is such a rewarding reason: staying in San Diego and spending your holiday dollars with friends and neighbors who put their heart and soul into operating local businesses. You’re helping your hometown economy and enjoying new experiences all at the same time.

Zero Packing
Seriously, who really needs that many wardrobe changes? With what’s on your back and a few supplies tossed in a duffel bag you’re jetsetting without all the effort. If you get an invitation from a local celebrity there’s no reason why you can’t swing by home and pick up an evening gown or tuxedo at the drop of a hat.

Great for a Weekend
So you’re short on time, but are dying for a getaway. Look no further than the glorious staycation to make the most of the 48 hours+ afforded by a simple weekend. You’ll emerge refreshed and relaxed, guaranteed.

Practice Travel Skills
How about doing some practice for The Big One? Not the earthquake of course, but that epic vacation that you’ve waited years for – or may be contemplating for the first time. For anyone who’s stayed put for a while, or in preparation for that first holiday away from the puppy/toddler/parents, a staycation is an ideal trial run to ensure that the expense, travel time, and planning are all worth it when you go away for real.

Easy to Travel With Small Children
If you’ve reached this point in the list and you’ve got young children, you’re probably already nodding your head and checking your calendar. With virtually no travel time, less money spent, low packing needs and no time difference to wrangle (read: naptime stays on schedule) a staycation provides a getaway without the disruption to routines that help youngsters – and weary parents – relax. With Alcazar Court’s highchairs and sleep cots you simply arrive and crack open the Prosecco. Ready for a reservation?

Enjoy Our Weather
Sure you could hang out in your own backyard on a sunny San Diego afternoon. But harbor cruises, beach outings and baseball games are all beckoning without the long North County drive. With Balboa Park, Coronado and Old Town just minutes away, get out and play without the commute or traffic – and come home to Alcazar Court, just minutes away from it all.

No Recuperation Time Needed
This is probably one of the most compelling reasons to consider a staycation: the “post vacation recovery” is non-existent. No big return journey, reverse jet-lag, or piles of dirty clothes to consider – you’re already home, refreshed, recharged and ready to re-enter life. Alcazar Court’s in-bungalow washers/dryers ensure you can return home with zero post-holiday chores. Are you convinced yet? If so, start planning your staycation today!